Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 - Shnikies it's cold!

About 5 miles. 48:15.

9 degrees F. That's right. 9. Brisk little breeze took the windchill to -10.

Forgot my watch. Left it on the front step to "synch" and left without it. (That's it, right over there --> Right where I left it.)

Took some flip video at the start. Apparently with my gloves and the cold, it didn't record.

Off to a great start!

Actually, it was a fantastic run. Met up with my best running bud Marty who is not only the owner of the world's best running store, but also a great friend. The sun was out, the trail was mostly free of ice, that the dog was eager to go.

The other crap, the baggage that we too often carry to our little daily adventures, didn't make the trip this time, and after my initial freak-out, I realized that was just fine. Today was about the run.

Every run should be about the run.