Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 - Do I smell brownies?

I've been running for a long time. Loooong time. I've gone through more training cycles than I care to count.

You'd think that by now I wouldn't be surprised by much. Lucky for me, my memory is... um, is something... give me a minute... what was the question?

Over the past 12 days I've noticed my legs toning up a little bit more. Expected. Yesterday I saw a nice little bump in performance. I'm feeling good. Mood is positive. Sleeping well. All benefits of the running lifestyle.

What I hadn't expected, or forgot about, was the spike in my appetite. I haven't really been hungry, or even felt like eating, in weeks. I've been forcing myself to eat, living off one meal a day, protein bars and V8. But the increase in my calorie burn has awakened the beast that is my stomach.

The last few days I have had intense cravings. Specifically for Lays chips and Famous Amos cookies. Lucky for me the vending machine downstairs serves up both. Sunday I ate half a pizza... and chips and salsa. Last night I inhaled a Reuben and then ate every last speck of the accompanying fried onion string things.

Underlying these cravings is a need for, play along here... salt, yes very good... calories (sugar and fat) sure. My body is burning lots of both and wants more. Now!

I should have seen this coming and stocked up on more wholesome foods. But for now I'm enjoying my refueling binges... guilt free.

Numbers: 2 miles at 8:27 pace - recovery day.