Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29 - Sleep, and run, when you can

The morning was bitterly cold and windy. Perfect conditions for some rationalizations, like "I'll find the time to get the run in over a lunch.", a lunch that was already double-booked. Or "I'll just leave work a little early to get in a quick mile or two.", knowing that Friday afternoon is ripe for impromptu meetings.

A running buddy of mine, who is also a big-time, super-busy, heart surgeon, has a saying, "Sleep whenever you can, because you don't know when you'll get the chance again." He perfected this to the point that he could fall asleep, anywhere, in minutes.

That thought came to me this morning, sitting on the edge of the bed, but figuratively standing at the imagined fork in the road. One path led to the shower, the other out the door. I sat/stood there for a few moments...

Then I grabbed whatever gear was within easy reach, threw on the pants from yesterday, didn't even change out of my cotton long-sleeve, saddled up one delighted dog, and headed out into the crunchy snow. It was short. It was cold. But, as always, it felt great.

And it was done.

When your schedule is tight, run when you can, because you don't know when you'll have that chance again.

Numbers: 1.3 easy miles with the dog. It was so cold that even with gloves on, the fingers on my leash hand actually hurt after half a mile. Even now, hours after finishing, the tips of my fingers are tender.