Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 - Sikhs, Skinheads, and Canada

Just some of today's group run conversation topics:
  • Mike's choice of a head gear - a headband that I proposed was effeminate
  • Whether my shoes were effeminate, or just odd
  • How one shouldn't judge another's choice of head gear until one know's how cold and windy it is
  • How kittens don't hold up well to garage doors
  • Whether a racial remark is also a racist remark
  • Apparently many women in the Army look hotter "all dolled up" than they do when they are combat ready
  • Men in the Army are supposed to get tight crew cuts, but not go completely bald, for fear they might be mistaken for skin heads.
  • Would a skin head in the Army be allowed to shave his/her head?
  • Skin heads in the Army would need to be taught to kill people because we say so, not because they hate them
  • People who are not American citizens can still serve in the Army
  • Sikhs in the Army don't have to cut their hair at all
  • We miss getting bonuses
  • Apparently there is an elaborate system and meaning to how a cowboy hat is shaped.
  • Mike has not only a cowboy hat, but also boots and a duster that he used to wear out, not for Halloween, but to a bar, to pick up women. It didn't work.
  • Canadian border guards wear body armor.
  • Not everyone finds women in body army attractive.
  • We're all glad we don't have to go to Canada this week.
  • Clumsy by Our Lady Peace (a Canadian band)
  • My foot prints look like those of "Baby Sasquatch"
Note: Picture above is of a Canadian Sikh. Who knew? Ah, the magic of Google Images...

Numbers: 4.4 miles and a decent clip.