Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - Shhhh

The last night of a multi-day, mass meeting is almost always trouble. With the loooong, back-to-back sessions dripping with technical details finally over, and my personal not-so-long preso taken care of, the tension was gone. Game on!

(It's so bright in here. Can we get these lights turned down?)

There was drinking. ("I haven't had Corona in forever." Yeah, and now I remember why.)

There was dancing. (I know. Wasn't pretty I'm sure.)

There were texts and emails sent and not remembered. (Remarkably coherent, though.)

(I think someone snuck into my room last night and flocked my tongue. And my brain.)

Then came the moment when I knew I was done. Without a word I was off the dance floor, out of the party, on the elevator, and in my room.

Twelve seconds later my alarm went off.

Running hungover isn't fun. There wasn't enough water in Sarasota to rehydrate me. Thankfully I had Bob, Seth, and Brad to drag me out. And I'm most thankful for Michele for making it out and giving me an excuse to run short and slow.

(Is it really loud in here or is it me?)

Numbers: 2.2 miles up and over bridge and back. 22 minutes. Garmin 305 appears to have died.