Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 - Good things happen to runners.

Last night was a mellow, hang out on the couch night. A night to get caught up on laundry, mail, my relationship with my dog.

My new running groove means lots of running type laundry. And winter running means extra layers, and extra laundry. There was a good pile of not-so-sweet-smelling gear to get clean. And for good measure, I threw in my shoes. These shoes air dry in just a few hours, so I'd be fine for my next run.


On my way to work, the running bag dutifully stowed in my trunk, was short a pair of shoes.

Shoes were still hanging in the laundry room.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuudge", is almost what I said.

After a moment of panic, trying to figure out when I was going to run this evening, I remembered that I'd prepared for just such an occasion: Keep spare gear in the car. So I had some really crappy old shoes, but they were shoes. I was not happy. But I wasn't in a panic.

Then, the UPS man came.

He came bearing new shoes. Shoes (more appropriate for the conditions) that I'd ordered last week.

It was a little running miracle.

Good things happen to good people. Runners are good people. Ergo, good things happen to runners.

Good running,

Numbers: 2.3 miles at 8:22, tight schedule, but hit every "hill" in the business park. One of those runs I didn't want to end. Life's good!