Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 - Friday Run

Fridays runs are usually throw away runs. "Junk miles" we call them.

With the weekend looming, which usually means a race or some longer runs, we tend to take Friday off, or take it easy.

The weather was as good as it gets in Indiana in January. (34F, no wind, no rain, overcast)

So today, Mike and I took it easy.

The relaxed pace, along with the relaxed mood that comes with every Friday, made for a relaxing run.

"How can a 4 mile run be relaxing?", I can hear you asking yourself. That's part of the running lifestyle. After an easy run with good conversation and a great weekend to look forward to, I'm warm, loose, content, and relaxed.

How did you feel after lunch today?

Numbers: Moderately paced 3.9 miles.