Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Be a Snow Runner

For most of us, it's coming... soon.

Don't dread it, embrace it.

That muffled crunch under your feet as you blaze a fresh trail on newly fallen snow, and the quiet that only comes when there are billions of flakes in the air to dampen the sounds of the world around you, are two unforgettable experiences enjoyed only by snow runners.

Don't let the grown-up world keep you inside. Reconnect with the excitement and wonder you had for snow as a kid. Put it in your mind now: You will run, outside, the first day it snows.

Oh, and mind your step. It can get kinda slickery.

Good running,

PS - Those of you in Arizona, Florida, Southern California, Hawaii, my friends in Grenada, and other snow-deprived folks, I encourage you to seek out a snow run, at least once. In fact, I'm open to a house swap for a week or so, just so you can get a real feel for it. I'd be willing to do that for you. That's just how I am.