Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 - Never was much of a Boy Scout

Morning came way too early.

After a night of a late birthday celebration (Yea Mary Ann!), great food, better wine, wonderful friends, many laughs, live music, and even some dancing, I had an early swim meet to get to. An hour away.

Thing is, short-on-sleep Doug doesn't think super-clearly.

I had my gear bagged and ready to go. But for some reason, I decided to leave it behind. "I'll run when I get back."

Surprise! The swim meet wasn't the usual 3 hour meet. No, this was a big meet, lots of schools, preliminary heats, a 90 minute break, and then finals. So rather than getting back at like 1:00, I was looking at 5:00...maybe.

"I have backup gear in my car.", I thought to myself. "I need a rest-mile day anyway and want to stick to right at a mile to make up for the last two days. I'll run on the school's track. Easy peasy."

Not so much. Gates were locked. I was hosed.

Fudge. Shoot. Testicles. (Very nearly what I said.)

Moral of this story... Don't rely on your emergency gear to get you out of a jam. Emergency gear is for emergencies, not contingencies. Avoid the jam. Bring your damn gear. Especially if it's packed and was on your fudging shoulder, you doof!

Instead of a nice story about making a run magically happen during found time between life's unruly circumstances, I have a story of scrambling to make up for my own hubris. I raced home, hurried through a run and now don't have time to nap before going out.

Dog's happy though.

Numbers: 1.1 rest miles, very easy on wet, but above 40F, pavement.