Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 - Windchill

Windchill is an invention of man. A formula that tries to makes sense of the unholy torture that a stiff winter wind dishes out. It does give us something to think about when we said wind stands us straight up, sucks the air out of our lungs, and makes our cheeks sting. Thoughts like, "Hmmmm, it's 6 degrees in the shade and this wind is ripping the frozen flesh off of my face, wonder what the stupid windchill formula will tell me it 'feels like'. I can tell you what it feels like, but I doubt 'Mother Nature's Bitchslap' is in the table."

I actually enjoy winter running. Seriously. It keeps you on your toes. And there's a bit of that felling of superiority knowing that you are just about the only person tough/stupid enough to be out in it.

Another interesting thought that popped into my head... Ice is slippery. Snow is also slippery. Why can I get decent traction on snow covered ice? It's a mystery...

Oh, and the numbers... 2.15 miles, 18:48, with the dog - took it easy today after the cold 5 miler yesterday.