Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 - Stirring

Easy 2.4 miles with the dog today at 8:28 pace. A balmy 13 degrees. Windy. Meh, didn't care.

I ran most of today's run on a track. Didn't plan it that way. Was heading to a nearby junior high cross country course and the gate was open. Next thing we were on the turn, dodging the stubborn arcs of ice.

There's something about being on a track. I told myself I'd run a lap. On my third, I decided I'd make it 4, an even mile. I ended up with 5 laps. Left wanting to do more.

It's not a "glory days" thing. I'm not imaging the crowd cheering as I go down the main straight or my high school girlfriend on the rail as I round the turn.

But there's a connection there. A connection to a version of me that was really, really happy. He was doing something he loved and doing it really well. When I'm on the track, I feel at home, comfortable. I can feel that version of me come stirring again. I feel like I can do just about anything.

What version of you is waiting to be awakened?

Good running!

PS - Apologies for the clip art photo. Didn't feel like lugging the phone with me this morning. It's about the run, right? Not the bits.