Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - Get it when/where you can

(First attempt at posting via email. Please forgive any funkiness.)

Having slipped into my own bed after 2:30 thanks to flight delays and
resultant travel buzz, the 7:30 alarm seemed like a mistake, or
someone's idea of a joke. It was neither.

A run in the AM was just not in the cards.

Son's early morning basketball game (they won), retreiving the dog
from daycare, and then the big conference swim meet were my agenda for
the day. Then going to see Avatar this evening.

It was a day when creative scheduling was needed. Packed my gear and a
flexible attitude.

Luckily there were 6 heats of the 500 free and my daughter wasn't in
any of them. Perfect time to sneak out for a run.

Changed in the big stall and headed out in no particular direction. An
impromptu run is a great mood lifter and rut buster, and if you let
it, can add back some playfulness to your running. Not knowing where
you're going, even what's around the next corner, forces you to look
up, see the teeny tiny part of the world you're exploring, and to make
your own way through it.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.1 miles at 8:28 pace. Ran in trail shoes. Felt like I was
cheating on my VFFs. Purposely went off road into calf deep snow to
justify my infidelity.