Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24 - Being awake

Living a great life starts with being awake. Being awake to the opportunities that life offers, not sleeping through them.

Today was an exceptional day that offered a gift.

It was 52F. In Indiana. In January.

There are days that need to be taken advantage of, and this was one of them.

When was the next time I would have unlimited time to run in 52F. Look at the rest of the week. It's a freak of nature. It's a gift.

My first instinct was to run an easy 3 with the dog and snag a nap. But how could I waste such a gift?

So a mere mile into the run, I called an audible. We, the dog and I, were doing 7.

And it was glorious.

There's nothing like a break in the weather to bring out the running community. After 23 days of seeing nary a single runner, I passed (or was passed by) no less than 12 runners in my short outing. And that doesn't include the walkers, cyclists, and lone roller-blader.

It was great to see the runners out. I've missed them.

Tomorrow looks to be less gift-like. But that's ok. Having today will get me through the rest.

Good running,

Numbers: 7 miles on wet asphalt, and one nasty blister.