Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 - Photo Safari - Sarasota

Another of my favorite travel running traditions is taking a camera out and seeing what I can find to take pictures of. I used to do it with those disposable cameras. Now, of course, all I need is my phone. I was joined by Bob and Scott for this short but entertaining, and only slightly illegal, jaunt around Sarasota. (Captions below photos.)

This was the sunrise that greeted us. Not quite as spectacular as yesterday, but I didn't have my camera/phone yesterday. If you wanted to see yesterday's sunrise, I guess you should have gone on the run with us. :-)

Bob takes a quick peek to see if the nurse is decent. She isn't. Those nurses...

Seriously... how does this happen? Who leaves their sailboat all "Drunk parked" like this?

This is a bit of the "Sarasota Recreational Trail", which is less trail than short sidewalk. But the view of the bridge is pretty sweet.

Something you should know about me. I have a thing for fountains. When I see a fountain, I get in. Saw this one. Got in. Knee deep and cold as hell.

Oh, and apparently constructed with slipshod wiring.

A little further down the "trail" is the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Who doesn't love running through a beautiful garden?

And look, it's "open."

I like to think of myself as a budding Buddhist. I'm not sure a real Buddhist would shout "Look, a Buddha!" and run over to snap a pic. Hence the "budding" qualifier.

We ventured further in and found the gardens to be remarkable. Lush, beautiful, and actually closed. We came upon a caretaker who gave us the "Now guys... you know better" look, and kindly told us that the gardens didn't open until 10a. We apologized in our best, fake, sheepish manor, told him the gate was "open", and proceeded to the exit on a not-so-direct route.

Too soon we were back at the hotel, which prominently features this nice little fountain. Yes, I have.

The numbers: 3.6 miles at an easy 9:20 pace, with lots of stops for pics and sprints to catch up to my patient cohorts. Here's a link to the data. For fun, look at the pace graph... quite the interval workout.

Good running,