Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 207 - I don't bend that way...

... That's what she said.

I have a pretty efficient running style. Very little wasted movement.

That's a good thing. Most of the time.

When you're efficient, you leave very little margin for error. So when things aren't clicking just right, you notice it.

And you might just hyper-extend your big toe.

Oh sure, doesn't sound like much. But imagine all of your weight coming down on your big toe, the top of the toe, while it's facing the wrong way.

Yeah, I know.

No idea why it happened. Maybe it was a dip in the road. Whatever it was, it hurt like a mutha.

And you know how when you accidentally bite the inside of your cheek, and then because it's all hosed up you bite again, and it gets more hosed, so you bite it again? Well, same with toe dragging.

After the first "incident", I torqued it two more times, in the first mile of the run!!!

And these hits were bad enough to stop me dead in my tracks, and scrub a hole in my almost brand new Vibram Five Finger KSOs. And I might have screamed a couple not-so-proper words.

Some days, it's effortless. Some days it's like floating on a cloud.

And some days physics takes over and tears a hole in your shoes.

Despite all of it, I still felt great when I got back home. All expect the toe.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.0 miles on streets.