Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 192 - Eden's Rubble

Motorcycle school is over... I passed. Today, 7hrs, outside, in a parking lot, on a motorcycle. Exhausting.

But to be clear, I can't recommend the class highly enough. If you, or anyone you know, rides, or is thinking about getting a bike, encourage them to take the class. It might just save their life.

Anyway, I'm wiped out. And I don't have anything interesting bouncing around in my head that isn't related to motorcycles. Three days of emersion training will do that.

So rather than blabbing on further about throttle response and proper swerving technique, pictures from last night.

The GF's friend Michelle and her husband Andrew have started a wonderful house concert series, called Eden's Rubble, which is taken from one of their favorite dive sights in Bonaire ("dive sight" as in a place people scuba dive, not where people go to drink). The dive sight is marked by a rock painted yellow with black letters.  Kinda like this...

This time the concert featured Goldie Jones, a very sweet and talented blues, jazz, R&B singer. She was accompanied by (to my acknowledged untrained ear) a brilliantly talented guitar player, Robert Coates.

Robert and Goldie

Post concert, sun just setting, we headed just a few blocks north, to 52nd and College. And we saw this on the building on a corner.

No clue. Cute, but no idea what it's all about. Anyone? This can't be pointless. If it were pointless, they wouldn't have used a penguin. For that they'd probably use a cat.

Of course, we were at 52nd and College to step into one of our favorite dive sights favorite dive sights (as in a place people go to drink, not where people scuba dive).

The Red Key is unique. The cliental is eclectic. The decor is retro 50's, except that it's not really retro... more like vintage.

Still working on my iPhone 4 photo chops

If you like places that aren't like every other place, check out the Red Key. Spend some time, enough to soak in the vibe.

For us it was the perfect buffer between classy, intimate, exquisite cool music, to... uhm... well...

The Flying Toasters

Yes we've seen them several times. Yes, it's essentially the same show... every time. But, it's like fat-free popcorn... harmless, fun, filler.

And when the Toasters wrapped up outside, we moved inside for...

The Jay Baker Band.

Either the namesake was home sick, or this is not the Jay Baker I thought it was.*

Moderately early exit and dreams of proper cornering speed and clutch friction zones.

Good running,

*Hard to believe that the ONLY link I could find remotely related to Jay Baker is a Dick and Haji MySpace page. Somebody step up and get this man a Wiki page.

Numbers: 1.4 miles, same as yesterday, barely squeezed in.