Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 183 - Half-way

Hey folks... uh... the daughter had 3rd molars extracted today. So, I'm just a touch distracted.

Sick toddlers are kinda cute... they just want to cuddle and are cheered up with ice cream.

Sick teenagers are cranky and demanding and have no interest in cuddling at all. But, ice cream does cheer them up. Especially if they can't eat solid food and get excited about having something tasty and ice cold in their mouth to numb the boo-boos.

Oh, and they don't like the term "boo-boos".

Anyway, I'm gonna take a bail-out on this post and put up some half-way stats.

If you count today in the first half...

183 runs.
523.26 miles covered... approximately.
75 hours, 45 minutes, 14 seconds spent running.
106,475 calories burned.

I don't feel so bad about sucking down this shake, now.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.2 hurried miles, while the daughter was eating her own shake, with a spoon. Straws are forbidden. Stupid oral surgery.