Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 187 - Meijer

A demo that wasn't setup until 18 seconds before the call started, and a virtual stack of email 36 inches tall, and the meeting that I had to skip to prepare for another meeting, and that meeting, and another meeting with our people in Japan (The people are form Japan. The meeting was not in Japan.), and kids' night, meant running was going to be a challenge.

So when the youngest asked to go shopping to relieve the burning sensation coming from deep in his pocket, the one with his birthday money in it, I negotiated.

"Sure, as long as you boys take bikes and I run."

Easy deal. I should have held out for more.

We wondered the aisles aimlessly, hoping that something, anything, would strike The Duke's fancy. He finally settled on an iTunes gift card, a Ben Ten DVD, and the required mega-multi-pak of Juicy Fruit.

As I recall, my birthday cash haul was barely sufficient for the Juicy Fruit.

When the boys are out and about spending money, if the change includes at least 2 quarters, and it did, a trip to the Crane Game is automatic.

The beauty of the Crane, is that there is a smidge of skill required. And a hunk of luck. Even with the greatest skill, you are still at the mercy of the physics inside the plexiglass box. At any one time, there are only a couple prizes that are ripe for the pickin'. A beggar can't be choosey, unless he's willing to waste his $0.50.

So there are times when victory is joined by a twinge of regret.

Like when a 10 yr old boy wins a Little Miss Sunshine.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.8 miles between home and Meijer.