Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 197 - Spontaneity

I think of myself as a pretty spontaneous kinda guy. I'm usually up for just about anything.

Today, I was put into my place, right under the "Not quite as spontaneous as they thing they are" sign.

My buddy Mike and I were dressed and ready to run, loitering by the back door waiting for our GPS watches to find those pesky satellites.

Out walks Wulfy, one of our more entertaining running cohorts, on his way to lunch.

It went something like this.

Us: "Hey, Wulfy."

Wulfy: "Hey, guys."

Us: "You should run with us."

Wulfy: "Ok."

The man was going to lunch. In the close he wore to the office. He was wearing cargo shorts, people, with keys and a cellphone and who knows what else in his pockets.

Wulfy then stretched his quads for about 1.3 seconds each, and declared himself ready to go.

Two seconds earlier, his plan was to go to his car and drive to lunch somewhere. In less time than it takes most people to remember where they left their car, he wiped his slated, ignored his gear, and headed out with us for a fun, though dog's-breath hot, run through the neighborhood.

I need to step up my spontaneity game.

Good running,

Numbers: 4 miles on streets