Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 191 - Motorcycle School Day 2

With the exception of a hasty, early run, the motorcycle safety class has consumed my entire day.

The morning was spent "on the range" which is not the horseback riding, cow punching, jerky chewing time I'd hoped for.

It was basic, and I mean really basic, motorcycle riding lessons.

To be fair, some people in the class had never ridden a motorcycle.

But man... tedious, with a capital T, as in Torture.

Oh, and it was sunny and humid and hot and we had to have pretty much every speck of skin covered.

Still waiting for the "a lot of fun" part to kick in.

That afternoon was back in the class room for a few more hours of spoon feeding.

Then the test. 50 multiple choice questions. You can miss 10. 10!

And missing any is really pretty sad. Example of the level of difficulty of the questions:

When riding a motorcycle, you should:
a) ride with your eyes closed.
b) ride with your eyes open.
c) "Ride around Sally. Ride, Sally, ride!"

I am not kidding.

Worst part, it took... For. Ev. Er.

And now, even as I type this, I am late for the house concert that you didn't get invited to but I did.

See you tomorrow morning, bright and early, ol' number 7.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles, usual "I have no time to run" loop.