Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 185 - July 4th

Our Independence day was jam packed with fun. The highlight was Lebanon's 4th of July Parade.

I grew up in Lebanon. Didn't really care for it. Didn't care for the parade much either. But then, I was always marching in it. And it was always blazing hot. Especially in a band uniform.

But turns out, on the other side of the curb, the parade's actually a big, long, continuous party. I saw lots of people from high school, and some of them I actually remembered.

How hot was it?

Pretty darn hot.

I've been gone a long time.
Apparently polo is big in Lebanon now.

As are the Shriners, though their "cars" are the same size.

Took to the ferris wheel at the carnival.

The Middle Boy won a fish!

And we saw two different kids hurl on two different rides.

After the big fireworks,
we had some driveway fireworks of our own.

The finale!

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 miles squeezed in between returning sleepover guests and parade.