Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 109 - I'm Hungry

I'm stumped.

And a little pissed.

I've run every day so far this year. Every day.

My breakfast for the vast majority of those days has consisted of a diet soda or water and an organic fiber delivery vehicle in the shape and disguise of a kid-sized snack bar. About 120-130 calories and, honestly, it holds me over until lunch.

Lunch? I've cleaned up my act there, too. It's either a protein bar or a Clif bar with water. Another 200-230 calories. And that's after my run most days.

My afternoon snack, if I have one, is a handful of trail-mix. Not the good trail mix with peanuts and M&Ms and little bits of crack. No, I've been eating the dried fruit and almonds and coconut shavings and little square bits that look like they came out of someone's ear.

For dinner I splurge on actual food, but "good choice" things like grilled chicken and sushi.

People, I'm eating vegetables.

And yet, my weight is unchanged.

Unchanged from a few months ago when I was eating burgers for lunch, candy bars in the afternoon, reubens for dinner, and french fries ALL THE TIME!

Some have told me that the culprit is beer. I find that extremely difficult to believe. First, I don't drink that much of it. There are 170 calories in a pint of Guinness. A 2.5 mile run burns off two of them all by itself.

Second, when I do drink it, I'm peeing it out almost immediately. Seriously, it goes straight down my throat to my bladder. If I hold it in long enough, long enough to build up a little pressure for expulsion, I can put a head on the toilet water. In the pee-to-beer spectrum, my pee is closer to beer than Miller Light is. I am peeing barely consumed beer.

True, my vitamin B intake is the only area of consumption that I haven't cut back. There are just so many great beers our there. And by 8p, I can't stand the thought of drinking another glass of water.

So here's my deal with myself... for every beer a glass of water.

If nothing else, my mileage will spike with all of the trips to the restroom.

Good running,

Numbers: Peppy 4.4 miles on the roads. Felt great, especially after 7+ yesterday.