Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 112 - Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

I celebrated Earth Day at a stop light on the way to work. Waiting to turn right, were 3 Toyota Hybrids, including mine, all in a row, not idling, not emitting any poisonous gases, offsetting the SUVs of at least 3 of you out there.

I also joined my long time running buddy and good friend Marty for an awesome early morning run at a secret location.

Why's it a secret? Because if we told you, you might run there, and see how awesome it is, and bring others, and then we wouldn't have it all to ourselves. Actually, we probably wouldn't have it at all.

Sunrise from our undisclosed location.

The location is a golf course. A beautiful golf course. An expensive golf course. An exclusive golf course. By "exclusive" they mean that they exclude people. People like me. And I'm guessing most of you. And the people they don't exclude feel pretty damn good about themselves for being there. But if they see runners on "their" course, well then, they wouldn't feel that it was all that "exclusive" after all and they may go find a different, more exclusive place to drive electric buggies drunk.

One of many exclusive bridges.

As we were rolling along the cart path, we came upon some of the grounds keeping crew. I got that "principal just walked into the classroom", "just drove past a Carmel Police car doing 45 in a 30", "No I wasn't looking at that girl", "I'm about to get busted" feeling.

But nothing happened.

They kept grounds keeping. We kept running.

Somehow, Marty gets a pass. He has a "Don't ask. Don't tell. Don't even make eye contact and we'll pretend you aren't here." relationship with these guys.

One of many (about 18) exclusive greens.

I'm sure that part of that unspoken agreement is that he never runs when there are golfers around and he doesn't bring many people along. So I felt honored to be asked.

As great as it is, I won't run there unless I'm with Marty. It's his place and I don't want to mess that up.

I also don't want to be chased off by an illegal wielding a rake.

Good running,

Skin care note: When adding miles and/or intensity, it's not uncommon for some chafing to occur at points of skin friction.
Hygiene note: When using shampoo as body soap, it's best NOT to use the kind that has minty oils added to make your scalp tingle, because that tingle feels like a branding iron if it touches chafed butt cheeks.

Numbers: 7.25 miles on asphalt and concrete.