Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116 - Always Fresh (reposted in non-mobile mode)

Mobile posting today, thanks to a bit of business travel.*

[Ed. - For those who checked in earlier, the mobile posting didn't turn out so good. Checked in to the beautiful Hilton Bonnet Creek and re-bloggin' it old school.]

Flying out of B terminal for the first time. Feels like I've stepped into a parallel universe. Everything is just a touch off. And it's freaky quiet.

And B gets totally screwed on eats. King David dogs, Shapiro's, and Puck's Express.

I walked over to A for some real travel food.


On the way, while salivating, Pavlov style, I noticed that security at A was jammed, while I had B security to myself. Take note frequent air travelers.

Off to beautiful Orlando, whose motto is "A great place to visit, if you're 7".

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of adopting a new motto...

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 rushed miles on roads, hurried to fly off to the oppressing humidity that is Central Florida.

*For those considering buglarizing my house while I'm gone, I have my phone and computer with me. So unless you have a connection for fencing 10yr old 200lb low-def TVs, I wouldn't bother.