Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 95 - Mr. Krabs

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, or as I refer to it, Sunday.

It was a nearly perfect Sunday.

First, the F1 race from Malaysia, brought to me time-shifted from the inhumane time of 3:30a to the slightly more reasonable hour of 7:30a, thanks to the magical powers of the DVR. Where would we be without this marvel? I'll tell you where, asleep on the couch missing the race.

Kudos to the gents at Red Bull, most especially that fine young driver, Mr. Vettel. I'm sure they're avid readers of DR365D2010.

"Excuse me, Doug. Could you make that acronym a little longer? Maybe a tad less readable, too? And are you on medication right now?"

No. No. No comment.

After my very short, Achilles babying run with the dog, I spent a good 40 minutes "stretching" on the deck while the girlfriend was cleaning, or something. And by "stretching", of course, I mean "napping".

Hey, not my fault. The dog started it. Tell me you can look at a dog sprawled out sleeping in the sun and not doze off.

Later we ventured out to the outdoor mall. Not as oxymoronish as you might think. Clay Terrace is a mall in the loosest sense. It's a bunch of stores all clustered together, but without any type of enclosing structure. I think they used to call this concept "downtown".

We went to the mall because she wanted to exchange a volleyball and I wanted a cookie.

This particular Sunday, the volleyball store and the two go-to cookie stores were closed. Where's a pagan when you need one?

I'll tell you where... at Cold Stone Creamery, serving one of the most wonderful human creations since the DVR...

This is food perfection, served cold. The particular treat shown above features Cake Batter ice cream. I know! The cookies are the perfect balance between being firm enough to hold up to the ice cream, yet soft enough for you to bite through without cracking. So good it makes you think, just for a second, that you've died, and then come back to life, three days later.

Next was sushi at a restaurant that shall remain nameless. The fun started when the Spider Roll came out.

So that's why they call it a Spider Roll.

See those things poking out of the top. Yeah, those are legs. Leg's that used to belong to a crustacean and presumably walked around on the sea bottom, or tank bottom, which was probably littered with the kind of things you don't want your food touching.

You might also notice that 2 of the pieces of the roll, a whopping 40% of what we were eventually going to pay for, had legs sticking out. We were going to be eating some legs.

I went first.

Sushi in, legs sticking out.

"More chewing than your normal sushi roll.", I thought to myself.

"That would probably be the shell.", I answered to myself, rethinking, too late, the idea of eating the throw-away part of a soft-shell crab, just because it was coated with tempura.

The girl manned up and ate her's too. Similar results. (Picture withheld pending negotiations.)

Later, I noticed a li'l sum'n sum'n pasted to the inside of my cheek.


Pretty sure it was a crab knee.

I won't be ordering the Spider Roll again, but don't let that stop you. Come on, step out of that comfy little comfort zone that doesn't include eating feet.

You can always wash it down with a couple Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles early evening on grass and trail. Kinda humid. Hope you all enjoyed both days of Spring.