Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 111 - Middle School Track Meet

Having pushed the run to the evening, and feeling like I've been pushing my luck a bit the last 4 days, it was time for a rest-mile run.

And since the dog spent the day frolicking, and regular licking, at doggie day care, she was plenty entertained for the day. So, I went solo.

Man, the first 5 minutes I was sluggish... as in running about as fast as a slug.

But at the 5 minute mark, "Pling", I felt great. My stride opened up and my legs got all springy again.

And at minute 6...

Best way to kill a nice run buzz? A phone call from your lawyer.

Kept it shortish (10 minutes or so, probably only cost me $750... sweet) and started right back where I left off... as in I started running again from the spot I'd stopped to hemorrhage money. My running groove was gone.

Luckily, just up the trail I heard a gunshot.

No kidding. A gunshot.

No, it wasn't at me this time. It wasn't even a real gun. It was a starter's pistol!

I'd stumbled onto a Middle School track meet. Very cool! I was just in time for the mile.

"This is gonna be cool. I'll just sidle up to the fence and watch these youngsters. That must be the leader. Here comes the pack... WTF?!??!!!"

This is an abomination.

I don't remember much about my middles school track days, but I'm pretty sure they didn't run the boys and girls together in the mile.

Anyone care to guess how many budding Steve Scott's aren't running the mile because they're afraid they might get beat by a girl?

I'm all for equality in sports. But imagine yourself as a 7th grade boy, getting beat in a race by several girls, in front of other 7th grade boys. And 7th grade girls. Would you want to run the mile again?

Let the girls run faster in their own heat. Let the meet run a few minutes longer. It's a small price for a 13 year old boy's dignity.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.5 miles on a little bit of everything. Felt great, for about 1 minute.