Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107 - Carmel Fountain

Corrected a serious wrong on today's run.

Finally defiled the fountain that is probably the closest to my house. It's right in the middle of Main Street in Carmel.

On a gorgeous Saturday, this is a pretty busy spot, traffic-wise. Had to pick my time carefully. Carmel has a lot of people who have nothing to do but report even the slightest transgression to the local Po-Po.

Carmel Police are very good at what they do. I want to make that clear. Carmel is a very safe and peaceful city. I love the Carmel Police. That being said, those dudes have a lot of training and testosterone and not a lot of opportunities to use either in the quiet suburb that they keep so safe. Because they are awesome.

So the chances of a passing meddling concerned citizen seeing me in the fountain, speed-dialing the brave police, reporting my despicable act, hanging up to call his wife to tell her that he is likely to receive some type of citizenship award at the next Kiwanas meeting, or maybe a medal, while 17 cop cars swarm me less than a block from the fountain, are not out of the realm of possibility.

Luckily, I was in and out in seconds and left no trace of my teeny tiny disturbance of the perfectitude that is Carmel.
"Looks like he went that way. Let's roll!"
Uh... I gotta go...

Good running,

Numbers: 3 miles on pavement and sidewalk. Feeling great.