Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105 - Late run

The day was packed.

Just got back from the first night run of the year.

Short. Slow. Dark.

Observations in list form (the goto format of the blogger on a deadline and short on sleep):

  • The normally uber-active dog, even after 13 hrs of crate time, is inexplicably calm running at night.
  • Wearing a wicked bright headlamp does NOT guarantee you won't stub your toe on a crack.
  • Wearing a wicked bright headlamp in the dark makes license plates glow bright.
  • Wearing a wicked bright headlamp in the dark makes street signs glow supernova bright, to the point that you can't see anything but the street sign, which kinda defeats the purpose of the headlamp.
  • Wearing a headlamp, even a really high quality one, on city streets will spawn taunting laughter and finger pointing from "normal" people. Distracts them from the short shorts, though.
  • Entering the woods, just at night fall, feels warmer, just the opposite of what you expect.
  • Running through the woods, just at night fall, you can hear small creatures, very small, scurrying away from the trail through the ground cover. They move away from you, on both sides and consistently, all along the trail.
  • Surprisingly, this didn't creep me out at all.
  • My instinct expected the grass to be wet with dew. Of course it wasn't.
  • Spitting while you run is pretty much inevitable.
  • When you spit while running, you probably think you are spitting your spit out in front of you.
  • If you spit while running at night with a headlamp you can see that while most of the spit goes out in front of you, lots of little spitlets blow right back into your face.
  • I know!
  • The school track is quiet and calming at night, and that inspires me, or at least draws me in.
  • I can still rip a smokin' 100m when I want to.
  • Even with the dorky headlamp on, I could tell I looked pretty cool streaking down the backstretch. I'm just sayin'...
  • By "streaking" I mean running fast, not running naked.
  • The lights outside a couple of  my neighbor's front doors put my high output LED headlamp to shame.
  • Some douche bag left a beer bottle on my street.
  • I live on a dead end street, so that douche bag is also a neighbor.
  • Having dinner with my girlfriend, her kids, and her mom is a worthy excuse for putting off my run until 8:30p.
  • Enjoying a Guinness with good friends is a worthy excuse for putting off my run until 9:30p.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.7 miles in the dark, mostly on pavement with a little trail mixed in. Felt like testing the achilles a bit. So far so good. We'll see how if feels tomorrow morning.