Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 91 - Enough is enough

After a lot of thought and meditation, I have decided that it is time for me to end my running streak at 90.

It's really a pretty selfish exercise that, in the long run, is doing more harm than good.

The extra calories I burn raise my personal demands on the world food supply, needlessly. The increased amount of water I drink... more than my fair share.

The heat my body generates is accelerating the process of the already dangerously warming planet. And my increased respiration, turning copious amounts of oxygen into the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, is drastically increasing my carbon footprint.

And perhaps worst of all, my children, dog, and co-workers are all being slowly poisoned by the air pollution resulting from these daily runs.*

All of this for what? Just so I can feel better about myself and my life. Just so I can be a better dad, and boyfriend, and friend, and employee, and person? How can I justify such reckless disregard for life? I drive a hybrid for crying out loud.

Therefore, for the good of Mother Earth and all mankind, I'm discontinuing my running streak. In it's place, I'm going to plant a tree every day for the rest of 2010.

Good planting,

Just kidding...

Numbers: 4.9 miles with my buddy Jeff. Great run on a beautiful, warm, sunny day, made only slightly warmer and smellier by my run.

* Specifically, my shoes. They're vile, despite my best attempts to wash them.