Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 114 - Hair of the Dog

Sometimes, the best way to work out the aches and pains from a good week of running is to get out and run.


Worked today though.

Went out in the early/dreary morning, achy in the same old places, and a couple new ones. I thought the rain softened trail would be the easiest on the bod. Navigated the cranky geese and the service project volunteers with the unleashed dog without my dog going ape shoot.

Why is everyone doing their service projects today? Everyone! We were triple booked with service projects. Spread the love, people.

We were just short of the trail and, well, something pretty much totally unexpected cut in front of me.


Some dude on a gator, pulling a trailer, decided to take the trail. With no apparent reason to do so. Short cut? Scenic route? Lost? No clue.

I have never seen another living soul on this trail when I was running on it. Now this?

The dog was as dumbfounded as I was. She whined and barked, chiding him, mostly for going so damn slow.

The gator barely fit on the trail, and a couple times had to spin wheels and throw mud to get between trees on my quiet little trail.

Incongruous as you can get.

At the far trail head he went along his way, probably to drink PBR and smoke cigars at his 3 year old niece's birthday party. Or fart in a bakery.

We turned around. The return trip on the trail was lovely.

Barely on topic... a great way to shake off a dreary spring morning and/or an assault against nature is to bake some cinnamon rolls.


Good running,

Numbers: 1.7 miles, on trail and asphalt.