Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 325 - Cowboys and Aliens

Saw Harry Potter 7.1 today. Excellent flick. Looking forward to 7.2.

Of course to see the movie, I had to endure the blockbuster movie trailer bonanza. When you see a huge movie, you are opting in for a good 20 minutes of really expensive commercials for movies that can afford it.

From today's crop, I can make the official declaration... all of the good ideas from Hollywood have been used up.

Trailers before HP 7.1:
  • Green Lantern - movie version of the comic book
  • Green Hornet - movie version of the comic book which was an adaptation of the radio series
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 - sequel
  • Yogi Bear - movie version of the cartoon that was never funny
  • And the coup de grace, Cowboys and Aliens. I am not making this up. I wish I were.
I thought that Nazi Zombies was the quintessential mindless non-sequitor mashup. But Cowboys and Aliens is proof that Hollywood producers have run themselves bone dry. Let's imagine the lunch that spawned this C- effort.

Phil: Steve, I'm desperate. Bunny's threatened to leave me if I don't raise her allowance into 5 figures a week. Look at me! I'm 47, bald, flabby. How am I going to meet another 24 year old blonde actress. 
Steve: You're a Hollywood producer.
Phil: Yeah, good point... but the dogs tolerate Bunny.
Steve: Ok... we need just need an idea.
Phil: Yeah, an idea... that's good... an idea... what's good.
Steve: You know what sells? Aliens!
Phil: Mexicans?
Steve: Stay with me, Phil. Aliens, big eyes, green skin...
Phil: I think the Alien franchise is about wrapped up.
Steve: No, aliens, not Aliens. Generic beings from another galaxy.
Phil: Yes! Generic, royalty-free aliens.
Steve: But we should put a spin on it.
Phil: How about Republican aliens?
Steve: Nah, too trendy.
Phil: Nazi Alien Zombies!
Steve: Don't be silly.
Phil: Dude, I'm trying, ok... What else works.
Steve: Cop/buddy movies.
Phil: Guns! Guns are awesome. And Republicans love guns!
Steve: Wait... this may be the cocaine talking, but I'm thinking Western. Six-shooters, horses, dusty dirty streets...
Phil: And f*cking aliens!!! This is GOLD!
Steve: Check please.
Phil: Dennis! Where the hell is Dennis?! Dennis, get Harrison Ford's people on the phone.*

Truth be told, the trailer sucked me in. Then I saw the title and laughed out loud. Loudly out loud.

Here are a couple recommendations for some of my favorite movies that are not spawned from comic books:
  • Watching Run for Your Life right now on NetFlix streaming, a documentary about Fred Lebow, the father of the New York City Marathon. As we know, NYCM is the greatest foot race event in the world, and the story of its birth is a nice reminder of how running can bring people together, even people who don't run. And Fred Lebow is an inspiration to those of us who would like to do one amazing thing in our lives.
  • Saint Ralph, an adorable movie about a young boy's attempt to run the Boston Marathon as a way to heal his mother. 
  • Run, Fat Boy, Run, in which an overweight smoker decides to train for a marathon to prove to his estranged former fiance, his son, and himself, that he's not a lost cause.
See how I turned that movie rant into a running related post? Pretty smooth...

Good running,

Numbers: Very conservative 1.4 miles on a heel that was whacked friggin' hard during a heated Nerf gun battle in which I hid under the bed as was shot anyway.

* Further research shows that Cowboys and Aliens is an adaptation of a graphic novel, but I like my story better.