Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 305 - Chirp. Chirp.

Oh boy! I can't wait to see what kind of questions you highly intelligent and above average looking readers sent in... let's see... first I'll check the Gmail account... Hmmm, nothing there. Well, it's new, so maybe not anyone's first choice.

That's ok, let's check the comments on yesterday's post...

No comments posted. Hmmmm... nice looking cupcake, though. How the hell did Google Ads know I was craving a cupcake?

Let's check Facebook? Nada.

Class, you've had exactly one homework assignment in 10 months. And no one turned it in?!? No one?!!?

Ok, I'll bail you out today. Lucky for you I had a few great questions from a co-worker, who, as it turns out, isn't a reader. He's Canadian.

Mark The Canadian: How's the running going, eh?
Me: Great. Just a couple months to go.
MTC: Have you found that it's been pretty hard on you physically?
Me (inside my head): Uh, yeah! It's been a bit of a challenge running at least one mile, not one kilometer, every day, outside, at my age, for 10 months... dumbass.
Me (using my words): Meh, not too bad.
MTC: Would you recommend it to others to try?
Me (again, on the inside): Hell, no, at least not to people I like. Running every day is stupid.
Me (externally): It's a challenge, for sure. But for me, the value has come from reclaiming my life, little bits at a time, simply by reserving at least a few minutes everyday for me. In my case, that meant running every day. For you it might be something different. It's been an interesting journey, mentally, spiritually, and Hey, where are you going?
MTC: (walking away) Do I smell pulled porque*?

Canadians have notoriously short attention spans. They also tend to wander off, especially if they smell a free lunch.

Come on, gang. Don't be shy. Send in questions or topics to cover: comments section below, Facebook, or email to dougrun365@gmail.comIt'll be fun. And I'll be nice, I promise.

Good running,

*He's French Canadian.

Numbers: A quick 1.4 mile rest-mile run, and now off to the Colts Game.