Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 317- Story Indiana Photo Safari

Story Indiana is a town, kinda. The entire town is actually an insanely charming bed & breakfast.

The GF and I took a spur-o'-the-moment get-away to Story to squeeze the very last bit of unfathomably perfect weather. In November. In Indiana. We were so determined to squeeze that last bit that we took the bike down.

First stop was Nashville, IN.

Following the recommendation of our parking lot attendant (who knows better than a parking lot attendant?) we lunched at Trolly's.

Trolly's - the best damn pork BBQ in... Nashville, IN!

This place is, apparently, crazy popular, occasionally stopping traffic with its line for grub.

Aforementioned pork BBQ, best in Nashville, perhaps all of Brown County.

The owner, and her daughter, in town to help out, were ridiculously charming.

After BBQ, one needs a fine beer. Luckily, Nashville is sporting a new micro-brewery...

Big Woods Brewery

The brewery is located inconveniently at the intersection of two alleys. I am not kidding. This gorgeous timber deck looks out onto an alley. Two, actually.


The beer is delish! Service? I don't want to bash a place on one visit, but, it was almost bashable. I'm sure it is better than they showed. Regardless, the beer was good enough to turn us into T-shirt wearing Big Woods fans.

Time to saddle up and hit the road to Story Inn.

I am also not making this up. This general store looking place is the home of Story Inn. And it rocks like granite!

The food is first class. The service is relaxed-impeccable. And the inn could not be more calming.

These unusually friendly horses were literally just outside our door. 

And they are biker friendly!

This morning I ran around Story a bit. My first stop was the corral to say howdy to the horsies.

This big boy wanted to hang out, when his wife wasn't bossing him around.

It might not be as famous as The French Laundry, but Story Inn does grown their own..

Mmmm, Nappa Cabbage...

Ok, the next photo was NOT on Story Inn property. Just outside, and perhaps an statement to those who stay there, but NOT sanctioned by the inn, as far as I know...

Some art is just crap.

 Story may be a micro-small town, but they can throw a party. The breakfast waitresses were all abuzz about the bash in the basement bar last night. All I know is that when I peeked in, a guy was opening a bottle of Dom Perignon. 

One of two outdoor party decks.

It's not a party deck without gas-pump art.

Or a concrete tree trunk.

The run around Story, was delightful, but short. It's a small down. Good thing, though, because it was time to saddle back up and get back to reality.

Sure it was a little chilly. It's not like there was frost on the seat, right?...

Heated motorcycle gloves... best idea, ever...
after the wheel, and maybe penicillin, and indoor plumbing. 

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles, it's a very small town.