Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 307 - Fido Fall

Ok, let me check the ol' question inbox, here... comments... none. Facebook... nothing, though I'm really glad everyone let me know how they voted. Emails to Chinese Viagra... Blockbuster franchise for sale...Forward this to 10 people or you'll die at the hands of a Nigerian prince... all junk.

It really is more fun when we all play together.

Even the bloke from London managed to get some questions in, and he has to spend all of his spare time standing in line waiting for that horrible socialist health care they have over there. And making bangers and mash.

Since the inbox is empty, I'll have to resort to something inane. Here goes...

Can dogs trip?

My mutt has traveled the same rooty trails and the same jumbled sidewalks, and I've never seen her even stumble. Sure, I've seen a dog get tripped, like by another dog, swooping a leg in and taking them down. But I'm talking about the dufus stub-your-toe-and-go-down kind of trip.

Tonight, for example... It was dark. I was wearing my headlamp. Hey! I mean it! No laughing at the blogger. Don't make me come back there... Where was I... I had my eyes riveted on a particularly treacherous stretch of sidewalk, scanning for those jutting wedges of concrete that try to grab my toes.

The dog? Was she looking down? She wasn't even looking forward! She was mesmerized by something, something that was at 90 degrees from our heading.

Google "Can dogs trip?" and you get this: Can dogs trip on mushrooms? And no, they don't mean the kind of trip I'm asking about. Apparently I'm the only one wondering this.

Maybe it's their built-in 4-wheel drive. Maybe it's the way they flop their feet. Maybe their claws act like whiskers and give them warning if they are too close to an obstacle.

All the thinking about tripping gave me pause (not paws) as I approached the trailhead. I decided not to tempt fate. I skipped the trail tonight and did a lap around the nice, flat, smooth, even track.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles, rest-mile day after an intense AIS session this morning. Thanks Kathy!