Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 332 - Batteries

I've been carrying an obscure battery around in my pocket for 3 weeks.

It's for my car's remote key fob thingy.

My car is new fanglish in that I don't have "key" per se. I have a key fob that only needs to be near the car, like in my pocket, for me to get in and to start the car. It's insanely convenient. I never fumble for a key to get the door unlocked. I just touch the handle, the car beeps "you're cool", and I'm in.

That incredible convenience comes at a price. Your key fob needs to, like, work. For a couple months, my car has warned me, "Low Key Battery". My main key fob thingy was doornails dead. The spare was on life support.

I was a couple electrons away from having a perfectly perfect car that I couldn't use because my key thingy's battery was dead.

After several failed attempts to find a battery at Target, Meijer, and the like, I was determined to revive my fobs. So, I turned to, what else, my run.

I love the idea of using my daily run for something productive. Two birds, one stone, kinda deal. Today, I ran to Batteries Plus.

If you aren't hip to the Batteries Plus deal, they are a store that is all about batteries. If you need a battery, no matter how obscure, they have it. They probably have 12. And they don't bend you over with the price. They are so good that they can make money by selling nothing but batteries.

And, they let the dog come in with me. Can you ask for more? I think not.

Next time you have an errand to run, ask yourself if you can run it? It's a great use of time, and you'll impress the hell out of the battery guy.

Good running,

Numbers: 4.0 miles on sidewalks.