Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 318 - Hills

Running hills is one of the most efficient ways to train.

No need to hit a track, or drive to the gym. Running hills will make you stronger and faster, all while you are out on your run.

So this begs the question... why don't I do hills more often.

That's easy...

I've spent almost my entire running career in Central Indiana, a land shaved pool table flat by glaciers during the last ice age.

Most Hoosiers get winded walking up the 2-degree climb up their driveway. Tenderloins the size of manhole covers might contribute to that a bit. But still...

We Indiana folk are acclimated to withstand extremes in flatness. We can go hundreds of miles without seeing a mountain. And, when we get there, we can turn around, stand on our tiptoes, and usually see our house.

So climbing hills, even the pathetic humps that we call "hills", is just not in our nature.

Regardless, I threw in some hills today to mix up the run. And to wind the dog. It was a success on both counts.

It was a little depressing to trot up a hill I used to blaze up, not that long ago. But all tasks, even gargantuan ones, start with step 1. And my step 1 was up hill.

Good running,

Numbers: 5.3 miles on streets, some of which were slanted, up.