Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 304 - Here, you drive.

Writing when you're hungover from last night's party is very... um very... wait... uhhh... what was I talking about?

Somehow I managed to meet Marty for a run at 8:00am.

The debate inside my head was furious. To the left of the aisle came the cry to not let our running buddy down. The right said "Screw him. If we get out of bed feeling like this, we will die."

Finally, both sides agreed that if we don't run, the terrorists, and the Cuervo shots, win. That's a cause worth risking death for.

Either the run, or maybe the party, put a serious dent in my brain cell count. So, while they are replenished, I'm turning the porch light on, welcoming you to my virtual front door, and giving you, not candy, because the neighborhood kids have already cleaned me out, but an even better treat.

This week, you highly intelligent and better than average looking readers will write the blog. You can submit questions, or topics you'd like me to write about, or even write your own guest post if you want, by entering a comment below, putting it in a Facebook comment/message, or emailing to

Don't be shy... I'll post everything I get that's not totally offensive, isn't even slightly commercial, and doesn't violate anyone's privacy, except maybe mine. If you wish to remain anonymous, I'll play along.

This will either be awesome or a huge mistake... up to you.

Good running,

Numbers: 4.9 miles on asphalt with dog, who's still been hyper all day. Damn squirrels.