Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 293 - Big Fall

After yesterday's great, and speedy, run, I decided to retreat to the woods to give the legs an easy day.

It would be a slow jaunt. I could enjoy the seasonal changes and maybe find something interesting to write about.

The first thing I noticed when I hit the trail was the blanket of leaves.

Blessing and curse, they're beautiful and evil, as they hide danger below.

Being a good trail runner, I reminded myself to stay present, be vigilant, don't drag my toes, and everything would work out just fine.

Moving on, I found more leaves. These were falling, falling by the bushel. There were thousands falling and I couldn't catch a one. It was impossible pick any single leaf out from the swarm. Later, I managed to "catch" one, only because at some point it had landed on my head, and stuck.

With the leaves off the trees, the trail offers a new view of the White River.

I started thinking about how many times a week I cross this river without even noticing. What was to our pioneering forefathers a formidable obstacle when traveling east or west, is now mostly unnoticed thanks to bridges with walls higher than the windows of the average SUV. And what was once a provider of food and transportation, is now an open sewer whose inhabitants I wouldn't care to touch, let alone eat.

Soon, I momentarily lost the trail in the scatter...

Can you see where the trail is?
It's there... somewhere.

This served as another reminder to keep focused and mindful of the footing. I pressed on, attentive to my footing.

All of that concentration paid off. I reached the last bend, practically home. "Phew! That was like running a gauntlet. I'm sure glad I didn't f... Yoink!"

The absolute second I let me guard down, I hit the dirt... hard.

And here's the culprit...

Can't see it? Yeah, I couldn't either!

Let's try removing a few pieces of Nature's camouflage.

There's the little bastard.

I hit it square. No time to even attempt a recovery. Before I knew it, I was on the ground. Surprised. Pissed. Sore.

I'm still sore.

I suppose I had it coming. I was feeling so good yesterday, and 2.4 miles worth of today. A reminder to cherish the good days, I guess.

I'm not bitter... much.

Good running,

Numbers: 2.6 miles, 12 feet of which I was airborne.