Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 291 - The Arbors

I try to avoid running in apartment complexes. They're at best uninteresting. Usually depressing.

Today, though, having chosen to work through lunch, I was looking at a short evening run in the chill and drippy-droppy rain. To counterbalance the gray and cold, I wanted to explore a new route. Not easy when you've been living, and running, in a neighborhood for 7 years. Maybe 8... I'm not sure.

Google maps showed a winding street, Arbor Drive, with several dead-end offshoots and loops, each named Arbor Drive. This was idiocy worth exploring.

I am not kidding. Click image for a closer look.

To get to the Arbors, I went through a very nice, and new, apartment complex. One with more than one street name.

At the boundary, I saw this friendly thing welcome to The Arbors...

"How rude.", I thought. "How could the nice apartment with varied street names put up such an unneighborly gate?"

Upon closer examination it became clear that it wasn't the nice apartments and put the gate up. It was The Arbors.

No Parking, Anytime in front of our chained gate.

I went up Arbor Drive to Arbor Drive, and then turned onto Arbor Drive, and noticed that there were a lot of these... everywhere...

And I mean everywhere. For each pod of apartments, there were two in the parking area, and one at each drive, in and out.

A close second in the obnoxious and ridiculously over-posted sign contest was this one...

This begs the question... where does one park if, say, one is visiting some poor soul living in The Arbors?
Right next to the dumpsters.

I'm sure The Arbors are very nice, and run by very nice people, and managed by very nice people, and represented by very nice lawyers.

But if you're invited to The Arbors, you might consider taking a cab.

Good running,

Numbers: 2.1 easy miles. Legs feel... Dare I say it?... I dare... springy.