Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 278 - Polish

It was only a few days ago when I was trumpeting my insight and contemplating its ramifications.

And yet, Saturday night, after a night of reveling with Polkaboy, I was shuffling around like a geriatric.

I'd seen the light, taken action, and... still felt like crap.

What the hell was I not doing? I'd stretched and massaged and soaked and iced and still I was walking around like a mummy.

Still, Sunday morning, I dutifully hit my yoga mat. The first series was, in a word, miserable. I had no strength. I wasn't the least bit fluid. And every stretch was uncomfortable.

So I stopped.

I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath. I tried very hard to not throw a big baby tantrum.

When the frustration passed, I started again. But this time it was different.

I chose to see myself not as an achy, whiny old man, but as a strong, flexible, graceful (in the most manly spirit of the word) athlete.

Know what? It worked.

My next set was smooth and strong. When stretching caused a tight spot to flair, I didn't think of it as a condition to work around. It was a tightness that just needed to be worked out.

Since then, I've stopped thinking of myself as creaky and stiff. That's 2009 Doug.

2009 Doug was a beaten up, dented, rattly old Ford. 2010 Doug is a quick, hot, brand new Ducati. Anything that comes along, performing at my very best, isn't a permanent defect. It's just a little smudge to polish.

Envision the very best version of you that you can imagine.

Make the decision to simply be that ideal you. Polish the smudges, and get on with it. You'll be amazed how your perspective changes.

Good running,

Numbers: 4.2 miles on roads.