Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 298 - Being your best

If you have 3 minutes, read this article:

How to Push Past the Pain, as the Champions Do
If you don't have 3 minutes, I'll summarize:
Great champions are not only physically gifted, but they also have the mental toughness to push themselves through terrible pain, way past were most people would give up, in order to win. 
So they're not only better/faster/stronger than you, but you're a pussy, too. Oh... sorry... wuss... you're a wuss.

I think we are all champions inside. I really do. And it's that tenacity, that grit, that acknowledgement that to be our best, we have to suffer, endure, work hard, maybe harder than the next person, where our inner-champion resides. The champion's road is not downhill.

Never accepting "good enough", always striving to do your best, is a most noble pursuit, and the best use of our short time in this life.

Realizing that we can't always be our best is important, too. Somedays we need to cut ourselves some slack.

But complacency, willingness to do "ok", is the path to a life wasted, or at least, regretted.

Be a champion today.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 miles, rest-mile day.