Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 301 - Ah, to be stupid again.

A buddy and I were discussing the realities of life today, when he said the most remarkable thing.

"We know too much."

The idea was that it's hard to be impulsive when you've been through the wringer. Too many mistakes from the past give you pause.

I've wondered a thousand times what it would be like to know what I know now, but take that knowledge back to age 25.

I've never contemplated what it would be like to be clueless as a 25 year old, now.

Is knowledge and experience really that great? Am I really going to make decisions that are so much better so as to outweigh the bliss that is ignorance? Or do I drag my life to a screeching halt with analysis-paralysis. Do I forego the high-risk, high-reward choice because I've grown gun shy?

Would I make more decisions that I regret if I were clueless/impetuous, or if I were reasoned/conservative?

My gut tells me that, on the whole, it's better to be wise. Not as much fun, but better, in the long run.

Arguments pro and con welcome in the comments section.

Good running,

Numbers: 2.5 miles on trail, the same trail that reached up and pulled me to the ground last week. I think I'm mostly over that train-wreck. Ran well.