Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 302 - Rainbows and Tequila

Wow. Today? Not my day.

I made a classic mistake. And one that I make over, and over, again.

I let the other guys pull me out too fast. I didn't run my usual slow and steady warm-up, and I paid the price.

If I'd run my run, warmed up easy, I'd have kicked their collective asses.

Instead... It was a bad run.

Don't get me wrong. A bad run is better than no run. But damn, this was a rough one.

Some days you make a mistake that bites you. Some days, you just don't have any pop. Some days, you're just not yourself. Some days, you start slow, and just stay there.

But... there's got to be a but in there... somewhere... but... um... wait... ok, let's try this... there's value in perseverance. Even if you screw up, you finish what you start. And... you eat your broccoli.

I guess the point is that not every day is rainbows and tequila. Still, we press on, looking forward to the days that are.

Good running,

Numbers: 5 miles.