Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 294 - Pizzology

Mostly recovered from the nasty, and rather rude, meet-up with the ground yesterday, I worked through lunch and ran short and careful, extra careful, after work.

Having survived the trail without even one face-plant, I deserved a treat.

And the treat was Pizzology.

The mostly mundane world that is Carmel Indiana is blessed to have a great eating place... some call them "restaurants"... right in the gut of the city.

The ingredients are fresh. Everything but the desserts are from scratch (and they're working on those). And the service is the perfect balance of knowledge, taste, care-taking, and leave-alone-ing.

This evening, I enjoyed half of the chopped salad which, despite the poisonous olives, was a delight. Every bite, a delight.

That just primed the food pump. My tummy-filler was the Old Kentucky Rome pizza, Kentucky Cured Prosciutto, Roasted Figs, Taleggio. Figs! On Pizza!! Brilliant!! And delicious.

And to tie it all together, they serve Italian wines. Exclusively Italian. Inclusively awesome. I managed to steal some sips of the GF's Piemonte Fontanafredda Barbara D'Alba. Yum!

They also have local beers on draft. Tonight, I enjoyed Triple Ripple from my good fiends at Brugge. In fact, I enjoyed it twice. Perfect.

This is a great time to be alive.

Find and eat good food. Find wines and/or beers you love, and enoy them. And experience the world outside with a good run, or walk. These things, and family and friends, and maybe a dog, will make for a good life.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.5 miles, rest miles, testing out damage from yesterday. All systems checked out.