Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 149 - New Running Buddy

After an early rise and a morning of standing in the sun at the Indianapolis 500 Autograph session, I expected my boys to be wasted today.

I was half right.

To my huge surprise, and huger delight, my youngest agreed to join me for a run.

Affectionately known as The Duke around our house, the kid was not just willing, he was gung ho!

The Duke is going to run track this summer. I know! I'm thrilled. I've secretly hoped that at least one of my kids would try running.  Now I have one running cross country, and one trying track. Score!

As we waited "forever!" for my GPS watch to find its friends in orbit about the Earth, he was anxious to get down the road.

"Finally!" we headed out of the neighborhood, smooth and easy, and over to the local middle school track. The boy wanted to "practice".

We learned how the track is divided, what the lines mean, and what a start is like. We ran a 100, and practiced a turn, and even ran a 200, which he smoked. Finally, he insisted on a timed 100.

We enjoyed a slow, cool-down jog home, which he cruised easily.

Any parent will understand my excitement and pride. First, he ran with the old man. Second, he wanted to hit the track. Third, he ran great. Finally, he really enjoyed it.

Can you imagine a better run? Not sure I can.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles on roads and track.