Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 127 - Fractures

No, these aren't my xrays, though I'd prefer they were.

They are post-op pictures of the plates and pins that are holding together both bones in my son's right forearm.

He was running on the track in PE. He tried to jump - wait for it - a hurdle.*

I know. :-(

If you haven't lived it, seeing your child hurt, like really hurt, is the worst, most helpless feeling in the human emotional spectrum. It makes time stop. It makes everyone and everything else in the world disappear.

Seeing your child wheeled off for surgery adds in abject fear.

He made it through fine. He was brave, even though he was really, really scared.

Two plates. Twelve screws.

In my little boy's arm bones.

Still makes me queasy.

We are delicate machines. But we're also amazingly resilient. Especially when we're young. He'll heal as good as new. A while after that, I'll be over my parental trauma.

The only tragedy may end up being the loss of a great hurdling career.

Good running,

*For those who don't remember my teens and early 20s, I was a hurdler. I loved it. A lot.

Numbers: 1.3 slow and sluggish miles early am.