Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 128 - Chicago

You know you had a great Friday when all day Saturday it feels like Sunday.

My trip to Chicago to see my buddy's/girlfriend's brother's band, depart to return, was less than 24 hours - Depart with girl's fam, couple stops, arrive, sound check, rockin', post-rockin', crash hard, early rise, drive home.

Cram life in, folks.

Linner at The Acropolis in Lafayette. Opa!

The Acropolis is owned by my buddy's in-laws. Amazing food and better company.

Cubs were in Cincinnati, beating the Reds, prolonging their fan's delusions. 

That left The Cubby Bear free to host...

The Thorns

The Cubby Bear is a fantastic place to see a band, but has a hugely disappointing beer selection. I tried several, but they all tasted like crap. I'm pretty sure all of the taps were plumbed to the same keg of Bud Light.

Luckily, Mullen's Bar & Grill had Fat Tire on tap.

The whirlwind visit meant no time for a run. Still, I have my eye on you, Buckingham Fountain.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles in the kind of wind you see on The Weather Channel and in pirate books.