Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 122 - Tired

Ya know what I really wanted to do today? Nothing.

It's gray. It's rainy. It's the perfect day to unplug from the world and veg in front of the TV. Or your chosen Hulu delivery vehicle.

Didn't happen. Well, in truth it has happened. A little too much. And today it was time to pay the piper.

Over a delicious breakfast featuring perfectly cooked corned beef hash, I promised myself I'd be productive.

Only thing left to do was decide how.

The good news? The grass was too wet to mow.

Instead, today was the day I'd finally get some new shoes... for the car. The front tires were nearly slicks. Made for some exciting moments on rainy-day trips through any of the city's 1700 round-a-bouts. Also a great way to demonstrate to my learner's-permit-wielding daughter the concept of understeer. However, I'd pushed (ha!) my luck far enough.

Firestone is the proud tire supplier of the IZOD IndyCar Series. As of today, Firestone is also the proud tire supplier of Marvin the Toyota Camry.

As part of my productivity kick, I changed my running plans, too. Instead of escaping to the trails and hills of Cool Creek Park, I made my tire trip a running errand.

I know... not quite as inspiring. Not really uplifting. But it's productive. It's got that. Sigh.

Did I mention it was raining?

I tried to get creative and find an interesting route between Firestone and my house. There really isn't one.

I did find some interesting information. Apparently the Navy Reserves are getting called up to defend Carmel, IN.

You'd think they'd have a more official looking sign.

Other than that, there wasn't much going on.

Oh wait, there was some exciting news for the Monon Trail...

I bet this made for a scintillating speech.
Rambling? Run on sentences?
(There's a joke in here somewhere. Help me people.)

Then, the run's most puzzling sight, just next to the trail...

WTF is in those cups?

Seriously... what is going on here? Did someone leave some Gatorade out for passersby? Or antifreeze? Is it the world's least well thought out substitute for a Port-O-Let?

Let's assume it's supposed to be Gatorade. If you were a passerby, how thirsty would you have to be to drink a stray cup of who knows what left on a bench? If you personally left these cups out for yourself (a practice commonly known as a water-drop), would you trust that they hadn't been, you know, tampered with?

Aron Ralston, the guy who got his arm stuck while hiking a canyon, and whose only escape required he cut his own hand off, had to drink some of his own urine to stay alive. I bet you $10 Aron wouldn't drink from those cups.
Aron Ralston, one of my heros, quite stuck.

But look! Two of those cups are 2/3 empty!




Bewildered, there was only one thing to do...

Good running,

Numbers: 2.6 miles wandering around Carmel.