Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 124 - Lisping Jedi Day

Crazy busy day. Work on top of work on top of fixing things that just aren't working.

Then kids and book fair and Subway and Disney stories and Disney pictures and wiffle ball and Mom's Day shopping.

Finally mowing the lawn that got only half mowed (mown?) last night before all hell came raining down on me and my mower.*

Now, I'm spent.

So I'll just wish you all a happy Lisping Jedi Day.

May the Fourth... be with you.

Good running,

Numbers: 2.8 miles of short intervals. Totally gave out the last 10 seconds of the last segment. Weak.

*Mowing Hint: If you've let the lawn go away too long, and when you're finally mowing and for some reason you start in the back yard, and a spooky vicious wind blows in and lowers the temp by 10F in 10 seconds, and the sky goes Stephen King dark, you might want to stop on the back yard and try to get the front done before the coming deluge forces a retreat and leaves your front yard looking like a guy whose girlfriend decided to take revenge on him with clippers while he slept.