Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 126 - Folly

I've gained much wisdom in pubs.

Something about the atmosphere, the libations, and the people I hang out with makes for the perfect brew from which to chug insight and knowledge.

Rarely, though, in fact, I'll put a stake in never, have I gained as much insight as I have tonight from what essentially is a beer diaper.

The coaster is the more accomplished big brother of the bar napkin. They add an air of, dare I say sophistication, to a bar. The only price is the blatant advertising from the brewery who supplied the coasters.

This time, the brewery is New Belgium Brewery, which is not in Belgium, but Colorado, which may or may not be the new Belgium.

Disclosure: I am a fan of Fat Tire, one of several brands that New Belgium produces. I was first introduced to Fat Tire at a rather uncomfortable family reunion, uncomfortable because it wasn't my family. I chose my first Fat Tire because it was the largest bottle in the beer cooler. By a lot. I had several. Nuff said.

I've learned since then that they are employee-owned and wind-powered. Rockin'.

Back on point... the coaster says, in part:
Follow your folly: But isn't a folly a lack of good sense; a foolish act or idea? Au contraire we say at New Belgium. Folly is freeing. A folly laughs at the status quo, protests mediocrity, sings in the blind alley and celebrates the wild hare. It's relevant irreverence. It's living like there is a tomorrow.
Hell, yeah!

Here's to great marketing. Here's to New Belgium. And here's to following our folly!

Fat Tires on me!

Good running,

Numbers: 3.0 miles from tire mechanic duties to home with pooch. Stiff and sore and slow from the last couple days of running.